Prospect Park


Nature abhors a vacuum

Whether this statement is really true or not, it can at least relate to Prospect Park. I currently live in Brooklyn near Prospect Park. Whenever I visit there, I often wonder why people leave this place so... empty.

I don't mean to fill every part of the park. But it feels way too plain to be really enjoyable. It is like delicious Korean food without sesame seeds: "something's missing!"

I'd like to propose we put some artworks in the park. We could also have biannual art exhibition like Serpentine Galleries in London's Kensington Gardens where they commission a temporary summer pavillion by a leading architect. For both cases, I don't think we need to invite reknown sculptors or architects. There are plenty of local or international sculptors and architects who are willing to showcase their works in Brooklyn.

If Nature abhors a vacuum, why not add some beautiful objects?